Family Spanish & Culture Program

Nosara Spanish Institute is excited to partner with Nosara Day Camp to offer families traveling together a Family Spanish and Culture Program that promises to be fun and educational for everyone.  Our week(s) long program provides a full morning of cultural and language activities leaving the afternoons for families to explore Nosara and the surrounding areas.

The program is divided into two unique components based on age:

Parents and youth 16 and older will have the opportunity to take our 20 hour intensive group Spanish language program.  You will experience our communicative classroom teaching approach where we encourage spontaneous and creative use of the Spanish language for real life situations. Our native instructors carefully monitor the progress of each student and adapt their teachings to suit individual learning styles and capabilities.  Classes are Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 11:40am and participants will be placed according to level.

Family members 15 and under will begin each day (Monday-Friday) at 7:45 am with Nosara Day Camp.  The camp is geared to children ages 5-15 who like to explore, get wet, and take adventures! Their strength is exposing kids to activities, environments, language and Guanacaste culture that most visiting families might be challenged to find on their own:  exploring hidden tide pools and bat caves (accessible only at low tide), throwing hand-lines with native fishermen, hiking to jungle waterfalls, and visiting with local ranching families to bake, visit the animals, or take an an ox-cart ride… No two days of the week are the same.  While this is not an intensive language program they do teach basic Spanish in their daily activities and the activities provided by staff are provided in Spanish and English. Additionally, CPR and first-aid trained native speaking counselors lead all sessions and provide opportunities to learn everyday Spanish vocabulary in the context of the day’s experience. Price includes all equipment (snorkels, goggles, SUP, climbing gear, etc), all activity costs and entry fees, transportation to and from camp, fresh fruit snack and a healthy lunch. Nosara Day Camp is authentic, safe, and fun!

More information on Nosara Day Camp is available here:

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