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Getting to Nosara

Costa Rica has two international airports, one in Liberia about 100 km away from Nosara and the other one in Alajuela-San José at about 300 km away from Nosara.

Traveling from San José to Nosara

If you fly into SJ you will most likely need to spend a night there, as local transportation schedules and international flight schedules don´t usually match.

By public bus: Alfaro offers transportation to several Guanacaste destinations. The one direct bus to Nosara leaves SJ (from Alfaro Bus Station, in Barrio la Coca Cola, calle 14 between avenida 3 and 5, at 5:00 am sharp). The trip takes about 6 hours and the cost is about $10.

There are also several buses each day to the nearest larger city, Nicoya, where it is possible to connect and take a local bus to Nosara.

By plane: Nature Air flies daily to Nosara airport,

Shuttle bus or shared taxis can be arranged but availability usually depends on the demand. Please let us know if want help to explore this options.

Traveling from Liberia to Nosara

Flying into Liberia is by far the best option. A car ride from the airport to Nosara takes about 2 and a half hours. Transportation on a shared van can be arranged for $50. Shared transportation leaves Liberia Airport around 2:00 p.m. Times may vary according to the number of flights and schedules.

A private shuttle or taxi to Nosara has an approximate cost of $130.


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