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We Use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).



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While 20 hours of Group Classes is the industry standard and the most effective for language acquisition, taking 10 hours of Group Classes is most suitable for those that already have a background in Spanish, are working remotely and have time constraints or those that would like to try out the course before committing to 20 hours of Spanish Classes.

Our 10-hour course includes one 1 hour and 40-minute class per day Monday – Friday. The 10-hour course is most often scheduled from 8-9:40am, 1-2:40pm or 3-4:40pm. Our maximum group class size is six students. Students are always be scheduled according to their Spanish level.Students are always be scheduled according to their Spanish level.

At NSI we maintain an open and student-centered curriculum. Utilizing clearly defined goals; our instruction is adapted to the abilities, needs and interests of our students. NSI utilizes a modern and open approach to foreign language acquisition. From day one, advanced, intermediate or beginner students will benefit from total immersion into the Spanish language. Certain courses offered can be counted towards college credits.

Note that while Nosara Spanish Institute strives to meet each student’s schedule requests, we are unable to guarantee specific time slots due to the fluctuating number of students and level requirements we receive each week. Students are always be scheduled according to their Spanish level. Please, also note that we are required to provide a 10-minute break for each 60 minutes of class time. That means that the 10-hour course includes 8 hours and 20 minutes of direct instruction time which will be supplemented with homework and guided self-study/home

50% is required to reserve your space on the course. The remainder is not due until arrival. The deposit can be made via credit/debit card or paypal. The remainder may be paid in cash or credit card on campus

A notebook and a pen.

Depending on how many hours of instruction students participate in, a typical day will consist of Spanish language classes Monday-Friday between the hours of 8am-5pm.  Lunch break runs from 11:40-1pm and students often walk down the street to eat at the cafes/restaurants, go surfing or stay at the school and eat.  2-3 days per week the school also organizes activities like cooking classes, salsa classes, half day trips to nearby beaches, waterfalls, etc.  You can view the actives on our activity board in the common area on campus.

All students complete an online assessment then sit for an oral interview. NSI’s students are placed in one of the six levels based on the communicative competences of the student, framed in three sets of descriptors: basic speaker, independent speaker and proficient speaker. Our levels adapt to the descriptions and parameters of the CEFRL, and are organized with an alphanumerical designation: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

Yes, we can provide a certificate and completion letter stating the hours and level achieved.

Beginner and intermediate are the typical levels

At NSI we do most of our work in class but Monday – Thursday we do provide materials/assignments to be completed outside of class.  These are not graded but we do encourage students to complete any assignments so as to reinforce learning that happens in the classroom.

Most students of course head to the beach but there are a number of things to do which include yoga, martial arts, ziplining, horseback riding, surfing, ATV tours and much much more.

NSI offers two limited options that can be reserved directly with the school which are Student Housing and Homestay. Otherwise students often stay in airbnb’s, hotels and hostels. Please see our accommodations page.