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We Use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

Culture & Activities


Nosara Spanish Institute is very aware of the importance of the social and cultural environments around a language as central part of the learning process. With this philosophy, Nosara Spanish Institute offers our Costa Rican and foreign students a cultural and recreational activity program which encourages contact and interaction between cultures, parallel to learning the language, in their corresponding social and linguistic contexts. Learn more about Nosara here.

1 Extracurricular Activities

Nosara offers a variety of fun activities to enjoy when you are not studying including:

  • Beach and mountain horseback riding
  • Sportfishing with Fishing Nosara
  • Hiking
  • Stand up paddle boarding and stand up paddle surfing
  • Cooking classes, dance classes, music classes
  • Festivals and much more…

  • 2 Bilingual Interchange Activities

    Whenever possible we offer opportunities for our Spanish (ELE – Español como Lengua Extranjera) and English (EFL – English as a Foreign Language) students to share experiences and fun activities, both in our classrooms and in their free time. Whether it’s dancing, cooking and eating together, turtle watching, discussing important topics or just chatting over a cafecito, everybody gets a chance to learn, practice and teach, all at once.

    3 Volunteering

    We are glad to help our many enthusiastic and talented students invest some of their free time in leaving a positive mark behind them and getting involved in the community’s development. One of them created a website for the fund-raising Aventura Nosara event, some have taught English to local school children, many have helped clean our beaches and barrios and there is always something more to do. Student’s generous donations have reached out to area schools, the Adopte una Escuela Bandera Azul Program, local soccer teams and various community initiatives. Money, used bycicles, cameras or learning materials is all useful and we are happy to mediate and make sure the help goes where it is most needed.

    Our Story Image

    The Nosara Spanish Institute was everything I needed and wanted out of a Spanish language school. Great teachers, atmosphere and service. They are very connected to the local community and offer a truly authentic experience. My family homestay was a great addition to an already great experience. They also offered cool outings in and around the area.

    Mo E.

    From USA
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