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We Use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

Family & Culture Package

Package Description

Nosara Spanish Institute is excited to partner with Nosara Day Camp to offer families traveling together a Family & Culture Package that promises to be fun and educational for everyone. Our week(s) long program provides a full morning of cultural and language activities leaving the afternoons for families to explore Nosara and the surrounding areas.

  • Family Spanish (20 Hours - Group Classes)
  • Culture Program
  • Optional: Kids Camp (Waterfalls, Hiking, Excursion, Exploring)
Package Description

Experiential Education

We provide an engaging and safe learning environment for learners of all levels

Boutique Language School

Intimate class sizes from private lessons up to 6 students at our boutique language school.

Blue Zone

Experience the culture and lifestyle of the local Nosara community, Pura Vida.

Kdis Camp

The camp is geared to children ages 5-15 who like to explore.

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Packages Details

The program of the package is divided into two unique components based on age:

Parents and youth 16 and older

Will have the opportunity to take 20 hours of Group Spanish Classes. You will experience our communicative classroom teaching approach where we encourage spontaneous and creative use of the Spanish language for real life situations. Our native instructors carefully monitor the progress of each student and adapt their teachings to suit individual learning styles and capabilities. Classes are Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 11:40am and participants will be placed according to level in classes of a maximum of 6 students.

Family members 15 and under

Will begin each day (Monday-Friday) at 7:45am with Nosara Day Camp. The camp is geared to children ages 5-15 who like to explore, get wet, and take adventures! Their strength is exposing kids to activities, environments, language and Guanacaste culture that most visiting families might be challenged to find on their own: exploring hidden tide pools and bat caves (accessible only at low tide), throwing hand-lines with native fishermen, hiking to jungle waterfalls, and visiting with local ranching families to bake, visit the animals, or take an an ox-cart ride… No two days of the week are the same. While this is not an intensive language program they do teach basic Spanish in their daily activities, and the activities provided by staff are provided in Spanish and English. Additionally, CPR and first-aid trained native speaking counselors lead all sessions and provide opportunities to learn everyday Spanish vocabulary in the context of the day’s experience. Price includes all equipment (snorkels, goggles, SUP, climbing gear, etc), all activity costs and entry fees, transportation to and from camp, fresh fruit snack and a healthy lunch. The Nosara Day Camp is authentic, safe, and fun! More information on Nosara Day Camp is available here.

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Enrollment Process:

  1. Choose a plan and click on “Enroll Now“.
  2. Supply us your name, email, phone, program dates, your level of spanish, activities, accommodations.
  3. Click on “Submit”

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After Your Successful Enrollment:

  • Our NSI team will contact you by a welcome email and schedule with you your arrival at the institute.
  • You will receive our placement test form and  an email with a complete PDF with all information you need.
  • Your program includes classes Monday to Friday from 8-11:40am or 1-4:40pm
  • 2 Spanish Sessions per day.
  • Kids Camp (Waterfalls, Hiking, Excursion, Exploring).

From our students


Important Notes

Note that while Nosara Spanish Institute strives to meet each student’s schedule requests, we are unable to guarantee specific time slots due to the fluctuating number of students and level requirements we receive each week. Students are always be scheduled according to their Spanish level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does payment work for classes?

50% is required to reserve your space on the course. The remainder is not due until arrival. The deposit can be made via credit/debit card or paypal. The remainder may be paid in cash or credit card on campus

What do I need to bring for classes?

A notebook and a pen.

What is an average program day like?

Depending on how many hours of instruction students participate in, a typical day will consist of Spanish language classes Monday-Friday between the hours of 8am-5pm.  Lunch break runs from 11:40-1pm and students often walk down the street to eat at the cafes/restaurants, go surfing or stay at the school and eat.  2-3 days per week the school also organizes activities like cooking classes, salsa classes, half day trips to nearby beaches, waterfalls, etc.  You can view the actives on our activity board in the common area on campus.

How students will be placed by level?

All students complete an online assessment then sit for an oral interview. NSI’s students are placed in one of the six levels based on the communicative competences of the student, framed in three sets of descriptors: basic speaker, independent speaker and proficient speaker. Our levels adapt to the descriptions and parameters of the CEFRL, and are organized with an alphanumerical designation: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

Are there any certifications or assessments available upon completing the program?

Yes, we can provide a certificate and completion letter stating the hours and level achieved.

What is the typical Spanish level of the other students?

Beginner and intermediate are the typical levels

How much homework is there?

At NSI we do most of our work in class but Monday – Thursday we do provide materials/assignments to be completed outside of class.  These are not graded but we do encourage students to complete any assignments so as to reinforce learning that happens in the classroom.

What to do after classes?

Most students of course head to the beach but there are a number of things to do which include yoga, martial arts, ziplining, horseback riding, surfing, ATV tours and much much more.

Where do students stay?

NSI offers two limited options that can be reserved directly with the school which are Student Housing and Homestay. Otherwise students often stay in airbnb’s, hotels and hostels. Please see our accommodations page.

What happens if I can’t attend the program?