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Spanish Immersion Costa Rica – 5 reasons to choose Nosara Spanish Institute.

It’s no secret that there are a ton of options when it comes to learning Spanish in Costa Rica.  Costa Rica’s natural beauty, its people and culture and its ranking as one of the safest countries in the Americas make it a popular destination.  In addition, Costa Rica also offers hundreds of outdoor adventure options to supplement your Spanish classes, including surfing, zip lining, canopy tours, hiking, mountain biking, fishing and much, much more.  We here at the Nosara Spanish Institute (NSI) have access to all that Costa Rica has to offer and in addition to our commitment to academics, culture and customer service, it makes for an excellent place to consider your Spanish language program in Costa Rica. Here are five reasons we think that NSI is the perfect place to study Spanish in Costa Rica:

#1 Location: 

While location alone doesn’t make a school great, it does appeal to many of our students. Tucked in the northwest corner of the Nicoya Peninsula with no direct freeway access from major cities, Nosara is truly an idyllic, off the beaten path setting with unspoiled beaches, mountains and valleys.   Its status as part of a wildlife national refuge means that there are no high-rises on the beaches or in town for that matter.  In fact it is illegal to build within 200 meters of the high tide line and that means that Nosara is not over-developed and instead is full of jungle canopy, birds, monkeys and iguanas.  Additionally, the beaches of Nosara have some of the most consistent surf in the northern province of Guanacaste with year-round warm water, offshore winds and a sand bottom beach break.  It is not uncommon to be held up in ‘traffic’ by dozens of cattle or to see livestock and horses feeding off the side of the road.

#2 Academics: 

A commitment to academics is of course paramount to operating any successful Spanish language program and this is something we take seriously.  Now, this doesn’t mean that you will get a report card for your performance but it does mean that we are professional and dedicated at what we do:  teaching the Spanish language.  Our curriculum is based off the Common European Framework of Reference for Language learning (CEFRL) which is based off years of research and academia in how people best learn languages.  This doesn’t mean that you learn European Spanish either, it just outlines the stages of learning designated from A1, beginner level to C2, advanced level.  At NSI we monitor each student and class and follow their level progress accordingly.  Also, our staff has more than 50 years of combined teaching experience which, along with our curriculum translates into very effective language learning and progression.

#3 Culture: 

NSI’s location in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica makes it an ideal place to learn more about the culture of Costa Rica. Often touted to be at the heart of Costa Rican culture, the Guanacaste region is characterized by what many of us envision Costa Rica to be like:  Cattle ranches,  farms, , men on horseback and yearly ‘corridos’ (rodeos).  The people and culture of Guancaste are some of the friendliest and generous people in the country. Surfing is very much a part of the culture in Nosara and throughout Costa Rica. We have partnerships with local surf schools and yoga. You will love all the adventures Nosara has to offer.

#4 The campus: 

Being in a comfortable environment makes a big difference when learning Spanish.  NSI offers modern, comfortable and inviting classrooms and lounge areas for students to relax, eat and study.   It’s not uncommon to here monkeys and see iguanas right out in front of the school. The NSI campus is also right in the main part of town, a one minute walk to restaurants, stores and shops and an 8 minute walk to the best surf break in Playa Guiones.

#5 Customer Service: 

NSI’s commitment to and level of customer service is something not found in many language schools.  As a smaller, boutique language school we are able to provide a more personal service to our students.  Whether it be a personal local airport pick-up by one of NSI’s owners or help in planning your arrival and accommodations, our staff at NSI is second to none in student satisfaction and retention.  Our administration staff also has years of experience in the Study Abroad and Student Affairs sectors at the University level so we are well equipped and experienced at handling students from all over the world. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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